NEWBIE:do_scan and DEATH warning

From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira (
Date: 06/07/96

Hello there!

Ok, I just installed the scan code and it runs perfectly under pl11 (if 
anyone is making notes), just as Oasis 1.2, cleric.c and autoeq with 
barely any adjustments.

Anyway, I liked the code for scan a lot, but I'd like to add something to 
it, and maybe someone here can help me out (I know it sounds stupid, but 
I am learning C by ear and even tho' I dare to change code here and there 
I still don't feel confident to make my own,... yet)

What I wanted to know was:

1st: A way of scanning dark areas (flag DARK in them), even for people 
who cannot see in the dark, maybe you could read: You feel a presence 
close by the east, you feel a presence ways far west.

2nd: A way of sensing the death traps... some of them are plain 
traitorous, with no warnings whatsoever (if someone can kill a dragon why 
some lions would kill him?) so maybe something like: "You cannot sense 
any life close by east!" or "Your senses go awry when trying to scan ways 
off west!". Something like that.

Actually I was thinking on changing scan to something like "sense" so it 
can better adecuate to this... So instead of seeing mob you'd "sense" 
them and it may be a little more fit for the changes above.

I didn't include any code because it is in the site and I would have to 
paste it all. But I can if anyone requests it. If anyone also has made 
any changes to their scan code and is willing to share them I'd be most 

Thanks in advance all!

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