NEWBIE: Mayor special

From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira (
Date: 06/07/96

Ok, this (I think) is not mentioned in the docs anywhere.

The mayor has a special procedure assigned to it, that makes it wander on 
the town and say dumb things...

The thing is that he never wakes up, he is always asleep in his chair, 
but if I wake him up he'll make his round as normal and fo back to his 
chair and sleep again... and never wake up again unless I force him to do.

Besides the obviuous opinions about the efficiency of our mayor... How 
can I make him to do his thing by himself. I tried changing some 
boooleans in his spec_proc, but the mud would core dump as soon as he 
made his first move...

Also, how is the movement of the mayor defined? I saw a sequence of 
characters but my head started aching, maybe it is ways too simple but I 
need someone to explain it to me.

BTW, flame me if you will, but I warned about it being a NEWBIE thing..:) 
if you do, please do it to my account, if you answer me do it to the 
list..:) there may be other newbies wondering the same thing and you are 
saving yourself repeated postings..:)



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