NEWBIE: Adding a duration for summoning monsters?

From: Fionn Colvin (
Date: 06/08/96

Hi all,
       Anyone have any ideas how I could make it so a mob that a caster
summons could have a duration. After which it would dissapear back the way
it came. Eg for spells like summon swarm, gate, etc. I'd like to have
summon swarm where the mage summons a mob called swarm who assists the
caster, but then disperses after a period of time. Also can AC ever get
below -10/-100? If I made the AC of the swarm -11 and then in do_hit made
a check for whether ac was -11, in which case it would always be a miss,
would that work? I'd like to be able to set ac to -11 for all mobs who
can only be hit by spells.

Thanks for the help.


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