Re: NEWBIE: Adding a duration for summoning monsters?

From: Skylar (
Date: 06/09/96

On Sat, 8 Jun 1996, Fionn Colvin wrote:

>        Anyone have any ideas how I could make it so a mob that a caster
> summons could have a duration. After which it would dissapear back the way
> it came. Eg for spells like summon swarm, gate, etc. I'd like to have
> summon swarm where the mage summons a mob called swarm who assists the
> caster, but then disperses after a period of time. Also can AC ever get

My girlfriend wrote a pretty nice swarm spell that does exactly what you're
describing... I think its just a mob special, something along the lines
of a check like this...

  if (!FIGHTING(mob) && !number(0, 10)) {
    act("A buzzing swarm of insects disburses and flies away.", <etc...> );

The durration is, a little while after they stop fighting (its a battle 
spell) and they hunt as well too, so sometimes they last a while if the
victim takes off running...

> below -10/-100? If I made the AC of the swarm -11 and then in do_hit made
> a check for whether ac was -11, in which case it would always be a miss,
> would that work? I'd like to be able to set ac to -11 for all mobs who
> can only be hit by spells.

Erm... I just use resistances, and set it to 100% vs weapon types for stuff
like this, but heres a real simple way to do it... make some flag, or some
other way to determine what has this ability to not be hit, say AFF_NOHIT
just for the example... in the damage() function in fight.c, right before
GET_HIT(victim) -= dam; make a check of the attacktype (already defined in
that function) and if its higher than MAX_SPELLS its a skill or weapon type
of attack.  

if (IS_AFFECTED(victim, AFF_NOHIT) && attacktype > MAX_SPELLS)
  dam = 0;  /* 0 damage reports as a miss */

That should do it...


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