Re: Races...

From: Burkhard Knopf (
Date: 06/10/96

>>>>> "Brian" == Brian Williams <- Nashak <>> writes:

 Brian> Well, I got races up and working in my mud.. but I have one
 Brian> problem.. it won't save what race you are.. i.e. whenever you
 Brian> save quit 0 and relog..  it says you are the race
 Brian> UNDEFINED.. <0>.. I put byte race by the byte class.. etc
 Brian> etc.. wherever class is in structs.h there is race right next
 Brian> to it.. err above it.. and it saves classes fine, yet I can't
 Brian> get it to save races....

Any chance you either forgot

  GET_RACE(ch) = st->race;

in store_to_char() or

  st->race = GET_RACE(ch);

in char_to_store()?  You find both functions in db.c


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