From: the count (
Date: 06/11/96

:P UGH, no, you're not wrong.  The multi-class stuff in from Strom
:P (me) are pl8, but the general ideas still work.  So it'll take more coding
:P savvy (and probabaly just use the code as a reference... grep for stuff, etc)
:P I haven't worked on multi-classing in pl11 because I switched to a dfferent
:P system (where multi-classing isn't necessary anymore) for pl11.

i put races into my mud (pl11) using Strom's code as a guide :D
works fine for me.  there's a lot of changes to make, though, in
a lot of files (interpreter.c was the trickiest part for me to
add to).  
(now if only i could get my ambush skill to work... ;)

check it out at 4002, but be warned that the mud
at that address is just a test mud and stuff may not be balanced or
even work at all (e.g. ambush ;)  but it should at least be stable :)

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