HARD&OFFTOPIC: Setting up Linux for you mudding purposes

From: Billy H. Chan (bhchan@po.EECS.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: 06/11/96

If you just lost your test site, and is willing to wander into the realms 
of linux, the best distribution is Slackware.  3.0 I think is the latest,
though the wizards at cdrom.com might have updated it.  1.2.18 is the last
stable, 1.3.20 is the experimental one that I'm currently using.  Circle
seems to love linux, haven't had problems (except with opening a file twice,
which bombed in linux, but worked in sun4)
If it's your fix unix use, get the Unix Powertools.  Very good book.  Also,
invest in some o'reilly linux/unix/sysadmin books.  You see, using linux is
a skill, unlike using dos, which was more like hacking config.sys and 
autoexec.bat (until the [menu] stuff came about... then it was hack once,
play many).
I digress.
You will probably want to give Linux a nice 500 meg partition to play with.
You also need a pretty good system.  I've seen it running ok on a 486x66
with 16 megs of ram.  However, X windows is very picky about your video card.
In that vein, I also suggest first going to your local book store and looking
at a Linux Config & Install book, flipping to the hardware section, and see
if you meet the requirements.
However, a word of warning, the circle mailinglist will not be a good place
to ask Linux questions :) so you better find a good newsgroup of 5 on 
maintaining it.  Remember, linux is a science where comparatively, Dos was
plug and pray.
-- Billy  H. Chan     bhchan@po.eecs.berkeley.edu  bhchan@csua.berkeley.edu
   CogSci/CompSci     http://www.csua.berkeley.edu/~bhchan     ResumeInside

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Date: Tue, 11 Jun 1996 00:54:27 -0500 (CDT)
From: Blaine C. Armsterd <xombi@mtvernon1.accessus.net>
Cc: circle@pvv.unit.no
Subject: Testing new code

Okay, i'm a vetern c coder but just geting heavy into circle.

I just lost my test site for the mud i code for and i need another.

Is my best option just to install linux on my system and forget the internet?
If you do this, where do I start getting linux (i'm an experienced dos user,
and i think linux will suit my needs more now)

If this isn't my best option: what do you recomment?

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