Re: Special Processes...

From: Skylar (
Date: 06/11/96

On Tue, 11 Jun 1996, Melen wrote:

> Well... I wrote something that did this. The PROBLEM was the way the MUD 
> initializes at startup. I did exactly as you mentioned, I made a new 
> espec. But basically it was trying to assign the process to the mob 
> BEFORE it initialized the mobs themselves! Any ideas?

Erm... dont you mean, before the procs were initialized?  If you're at
the espec part, you should have the mob already, but the specials arent
initialized until later on.  To get around this, you could just prototype
the specials in an .h file thats included, or right in db.c, as long as
its before you try to assign the specials to the mobs.

grep SPECIAL spec_procs.c >specs.h 

would give you the specials, you can probably use tr or some other unix
shell util to add the extra ";" after each one, I can't think of one off
the top of my head to do that, so I'd probably be lazy and do it by hand.


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