Re: Testing new code

From: Sam Taylor (
Date: 06/11/96

> > Is my best option just to install linux on my system and forget the internet?
> > If you do this, where do I start getting linux (i'm an experienced dos user,
> > and i think linux will suit my needs more now)
> > 
> > If this isn't my best option: what do you recomment?

Yeah.. get linux.. it's pretty easy to install... make sure you've got 
about 200megs free on your disk though (my installation has reached 
450megs now :)..

There is a really good doc at 
It pretty much tells you how to install it etc...

For circlemud installation, you will need disksets A,AP,K,N (i think 
that's it... you definitely need K and N though... seems to be a common 
mistake trying to install without them. Oh.. also diskset D (i think it's 
D).. that's the C code with make etc (sorry if i'm wrong).

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