From: Dave Musser (dmusser@donet.com)
Date: 06/11/96

attached mail follows:

I'm new to the CircleMud coders here so put up with me for a sec. I don't know where I should post notices like this so I will let anyone interested tell me. I am converting skills and commands from older mud code into circle code. As I do this, I will be putting notices up as to what the command is and how it works. All will be tested thoroughly before I put up any notices, to be sure it works with circklemud. I am using circlemud beta 3 patch 9. The current code I have just finished transfering over is for a command called 'scan'. It will let you scan in all directions without an argument or scan in one direction with a direction argument. depending on weather and sun state, you can see up to 6 rooms away. It will tell you all NPC's/PC's that you can see in the rooms between you and the end of your good vision. The code is comprised of 2 routines and 2 array constants and takes up approx. 100 lines of code. If you are interested, email me with the address you want it sent to and I will try to get it to you. Dave Musser Daedalus -- /|___ ___|\ //~|/ _\____ You need to learn to ____/_ \|~\\ / \ .. V howl if you want to V .. / \ // /~____/ run with the pack. \____~\ \\ // \\/ / \ \// \\ ////\\\\\ dmusser@donet.com //////\\\\

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