Re: LOADROOM/Crash_save

From: Brian Christopher Guilbault (
Date: 06/12/96

On Wed, 12 Jun 1996, Discord wrote:

> In the function Crash_save_all, I am wondering what happens
> to the load room..i have tried adding a save_char call with GET_LOADROOM
> (real_room#)..and modifying thr interpreter.c code that looks for crash_loads
> to use the saved loadromm , but to no avail... ne help appreciated

I have finally gotten this to work in pl11. I am at woek right now and 
don't have the code with me, but I will post the solution tomorrow 
morning if it hasn't been posted yet. I made lots of changes and I think 
I actually made MORE changes to the code than I had to to get this to 
work, but the extra changes I made aren't hurting anything.

Basically you need to change the save_char(ch, NOWHERE) calls in 
interpreter.c and act.other.c to save_char(ch, world[ch->in_room].number).

You don't change ALL of them...just the ones that take plave while a char 
is entering or leaving the game. I think I also had to move the save_char 
call in extract_char() to AFTER the close_socket(). Otherwise the 
character is pulled from the game, then put in NOWHERE where he is saved. 
Thi smeans that you will return where you quit if you press 1, but not if 
you disconnect and then come back. Moving the save_char up in the 
function fixed that. My code works fine with no bugs.

Like I said, this is all from memory, and if no one posts on this 
tonight, I will show you my code in the morning.


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