Re: Getting object properties from the vnumber

From: Pandion (
Date: 06/12/96

On Wed, 12 Jun 1996, Brian Menges wrote:

> Is there any way to get object information (specifically I want to get the
> object short description) if all I have is the vnumber for the object?
> The object will not necessarily be on a character so looping through
> all the items on the character and checking it against a vnum won't work.
> Can anyone provide my with some insight into this problem?  I know its probably
> very simple but I just can't seem to figure it out.
> -brian

Hiya.  I dont know if this will help you any but I used a similar thing 
to load newbie eq based on vnums.

int r_num;
struct obj_data *obj;

  r_num = real_obj(vnum);  /* whack vnum in yourself */
  obj = read_obj(r_num, REAL);
  obj_to_char(ch, obj);
  sprintf(buf, "Short description for %d: %s\r\n", vnum, 
... ??

  I'm not sure how this can help.  Throw away the obj_to_char and then get 
your details from the obj (im not sure but I think it has been loaded 
into memory so you might have to get rid of it once you're finished with 
it).   Then again you could just use a system similar to vstat 
(act.wizard.c) but I always jump in feet first...  *grin*

  Hope i've helped in some way.

Chris Voutsis

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