Basic Delurk

From: Eric Pilcher (
Date: 06/12/96

After a rather lengthy hiatus from the mailing list, I am pleased to
announce my return.  We never did convert Kallisti to Circle before
it's demise (and when it appeard we wouldn't I had unsubscribed).

Now I'm starting my own Mud on and have decided to
go with Circle 3.

I have the rights to some of Kallisti's old areas and am currently
retrofitting them to Circle standards prior to making them public
domain.  They include:

The Graveyard (A cemetery and crypts which attach to South Midgaard)
Darkport (A pirate town)
Hillsborough (A "let's not get sued by the Tolkien estate" version of
  "the Shire" only much much better than "the Shire" ever was)
An Orphanage (attaches well to any town)
River of Midgaard (Modifications and extentions which include a lake
  and gives the illusion that Desert, Drow, Thalos, et. al. fit in

Going to take a while to get these converted.  If anyone is interested
in helping out, let me know.  There are some spec procs included as well,
but I don't plan to make adjustments there.

-Rasta of what was once Kallisti
-Krael of what will be Aardvark

Eric L. Pilcher

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