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From: Tim Brutton (
Date: 06/11/96

In reply to your mail "Re: NEWBIE: /src/util" of 10 Jun 96:
> Hmm The only one I tried was wld2html and it compiled fine with
> MSVC++4.1

Nod, that one works, I haven't tried them all but the "purge" one's 
don't work, nor does autowiz. I wondered if there was a quickandeasy 
fix or if I'm gonna have to through it and see what it's calling :)

> My autorun is controlled by batch files as follows:
> ******
> e:        
> cd \mud
> src\circle.exe 
> mud.bat             <--- re-calls this batch file if the mud exits
> You can even control certain aspects of behavior by coding into the
> circle.exe certain errorlevels, then trapping them in your batch
> files.

Nod, or how about IFEXISTS, and use the existing shutdown parameters 
- i.e. use shutdown die, then in the script do
IF EXISTS .killscript BREAK (or GOTO something) that.
Hmmm... I don't suppose there's a version of grep for dos? Trying to 
do the syslog bits could be tough....

I noticed something else last night! Despite setting free_rent as YES 
in config.c, whenever any character quits, all their equipment drops 
to the ground???? Weeeirdness.

See ya!

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