Re: NEWBIE: /src/util and other stuff [Win95/NT]

From: Gerry Smith (
Date: 06/12/96

Tim Brutton wrote:
> Nod, that one works, I haven't tried them all but the "purge" one's
> don't work, nor does autowiz. I wondered if there was a quickandeasy
> fix or if I'm gonna have to through it and see what it's calling :)

Nod, nod... The window sport seems on my machine to have a terrible time with file creation/deletion and file 
writes. I cannot seem to fathom why it doesnt generate a log file, or any other file normally created on the 
Unix flavored platforms.

> > You can even control certain aspects of behavior by coding into the
> > circle.exe certain errorlevels, then trapping them in your batch
> > files.


> Nod, or how about IFEXISTS, and use the existing shutdown parameters
> - i.e. use shutdown die, then in the script do
> IF EXISTS .killscript BREAK (or GOTO something)

Hmm you could code a small c hack for dos named ifexist that checks for you and returns the appropriate 

> that.
> Hmmm... I don't suppose there's a version of grep for dos? Trying to
> do the syslog bits could be tough....

Sure! See

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