Re: NEWBIE: Adding a second wield location.

From: Daniel W. Burke (
Date: 06/13/96

At 10:20 AM 6/5/96 +1000, you wrote:
>Hiya all,
>         I have had no trouble before added 2 wear ear locations and a
>wear face location, but am having some problems adding a second wield.
>What I'd like to do is simular to wear wrist left and right, but instead
>wield primary and wield secondary. So if you type wield <weapon> and are
>wielding nothing it will wield as primary weapon. If you then type wield
><weapon> again it will wield as secondary weapon. The thing is if you type
>hold <item> while you are wielding 2 weapons it should not allow that.
>Also iy you type wield <weapon> while wielding a primary and holding an
>item it should also not allow that. Can someone give me a dummies guide to
>doing this please.

Why don't you keep it as just 1 wield position, and the hold position....
then if perform_violence() after the initial attack with the primary weapon
in the wield position, check if the item in the HOLD is a weapon, unequip
the weapon in the wield position and hold position, and wield the previously
help weapon....

After that, call hit() and put the items back....

Maybe not the most efficient, but after some thought, this is how I would do
it (maybe adding a check before switching for a double wield skill or

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