NEWBIE: Adding a second wield location.

From: Fionn Colvin (
Date: 06/04/96

Hiya all,
         I have had no trouble before added 2 wear ear locations and a
wear face location, but am having some problems adding a second wield.
What I'd like to do is simular to wear wrist left and right, but instead
wield primary and wield secondary. So if you type wield <weapon> and are
wielding nothing it will wield as primary weapon. If you then type wield
<weapon> again it will wield as secondary weapon. The thing is if you type
hold <item> while you are wielding 2 weapons it should not allow that.
Also iy you type wield <weapon> while wielding a primary and holding an
item it should also not allow that. Can someone give me a dummies guide to
doing this please.

Thanks in advance


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