Re: HARD&OFFTOPIC: Setting up Linux for you mudding purposes

From: The Prophet (
Date: 06/13/96

	You must have had an old libc, libg++, and ppp.. I didn't have to 
upgrade anything... besides recompiling some of my modules.

On Tue, 11 Jun 1996, Leeman Strout wrote:

> On Tue, 11 Jun 1996, Billy H. Chan wrote:
> > If you just lost your test site, and is willing to wander into the realms 
> > of linux, the best distribution is Slackware.  3.0 I think is the latest,
> > though the wizards at might have updated it.  1.2.18 is the last
> I just installed the bleeding edge in Linux.. 2.0 *was* released, just a 
> tad hard to find.  BUT! it's fast... never had Linux boot that fast, and 
> it's very nice.  Of course, if you upgrade the kernel, you have to 
> upgrade libc, libg++, ppp, and so on.. but I think it was worth it  =)
> > stable, 1.3.20 is the experimental one that I'm currently using.  Circle
> > seems to love linux, haven't had problems (except with opening a file twice,
> > which bombed in linux, but worked in sun4)
> Just thought all you linux people would like to know... great web page on 
> the whole thing at:
> Leeman

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