Re: race/class menu

From: Nuku Nuku (
Date: 06/13/96

> > Dann> Except that you could easily say that since the Troll Hordes swarmed the 
> > > land where the Monks lived 200 years ago, the Monks refuse to train 
> > > Trolls.  Not only adding life to the world, but allowing you to do what 
> > > you want.
> > 
> >  So what if say... a monk finds a baby troll and out of compassion trains 
> > him, hoping that it will not be like its fathers.. or, what if there is 
> > another troll order? You are saying that humans/other races make up the 
> > most of monks. What if the trolls make up the greatest percent of monks?
> > IMHO there should be no race restrictions.
> Heh.  Good point.  I suppose this is where the local flavor of the Imps 
> comes in.  I don't agree that there should be no race restrictions, but 
> then, that's why I run my MUD, and you yours.  :)

Only purple haired fizwillies can be monks on my mud.

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