Re: Windows 95

From: i9974319 (
Date: 06/15/96

Much simpler (and smarter) to get linux.  If you have the time to learn 
it it is a MUCH better operation system.  Windows95 is near the bottom of 
the list for good memory management...disk management, and multitasking.  
Linux can be ordered from there is info there when you 
log in...I bought mine from infomagic.  A 6 cd set containing practically 
everything that I will ever need for linux(including the circle mud 
source) and it was under $25.  if you want to just download everything 
from then it free, but if you are on a modem connection I would 
NOT suggest it.  :)  If you need to know anything else about the best 
operating system out there, just ask.  :)


On Sat, 15 Jun 1996, Eric Bonney wrote:

>         I am curious if anyone out there is running Circle 3.0 on Windows
> 95?  If not or would it just be simplier for me to get Lunix?  Where can I
> buy Lunix and about how much does it cost?  Can I run it on the same machine
> as I have Windows 95, I realize I can't run them both at the same time :).
> tks,
> -Eric Bonney
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