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From: Barid Bel Medar (
Date: 06/15/96

On Sat, 15 Jun 1996, i9974319 wrote:

> Much simpler (and smarter) to get linux.  If you have the time to learn 
> it it is a MUCH better operation system.  Windows95 is near the bottom of 
> the list for good memory management...disk management, and multitasking.  

Well, not everyone is willing to devote 150+ megabytes of limited hard 
drive space to something which will really be used only for running a 

But all other merits aside, Linux will teach you the standard (read: 
correct) way of using sockets in a TCP/IP environment.  Yes, Winsock 
works.  But it usually does things in an irritatingly different way from 
how UNIX does it.  And you're more likely to need to know how to program 
TCP/IP in UNIX than in Win95.  Now, if you were talking IPX, it would be 
different, but we aren't, so...

> Linux can be ordered from there is info there when you 
> log in...I bought mine from infomagic.  A 6 cd set containing practically 
> everything that I will ever need for linux(including the circle mud 
> source) and it was under $25.  if you want to just download everything 
> from then it free, but if you are on a modem connection I would 
> NOT suggest it.  :)  

Well, if you don't plan on using your modem for a day or so, and you 
don't pay by the hour for your ISP, then go for it.  But otherwise, just 
order it.  The advantage to getting it on CD is that you don't have to 
devote even MORE hard drive space to Linux.

Anyway, you only really need A, AP, D, K, and N, I think (if K contains 
the kernel source).  If you leave X, XDEV, and XAP out, you get a whole 
bunch more free space.

> If you need to know anything else about the best 
> operating system out there, just ask.  :)

But not on this mailing list.

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