Re: Diffrences in a.out/ELF?

From: Con (
Date: 06/15/96

On Sat, 15 Jun 1996, Hades wrote:

> I was compiling under a.out... then my linux partition got screwed up, so I
> decided to just nuke it and upgrade, using ELF binaries instead.
> Well now my mud id crashing on an IOT trap that never happened before, and
> that's ok, I could gdb it to find the problem... BUT, gdb says this:


Well, I'm not having the same problems with the mud crashing on places it 
did not do before using ELF/Linux (the mud ran on a solaris before), this 
would all be a piece of cake if gdb was functioning propperly, but I'm 
having arround the same troubles as you.

I got someone whispering in my ear that the version og GDB distributed 
with Slackware 3.0 was broke, and thus looked arround for the source for 
gdb 4.14 (actually newer oned, but all I did was find v4.14 :).. so I 
compiled it and all, and still had the same problems... 

SO, I posted a cry for help on some newsgroups, and I got a nice letter 
saying that the whole idea was to upgrade faster than lighning *grin*.
Now I have:

Linux 2.0.0
GDB 4.16
GCC 2.7.2 1.8.0 (because thats what gdb v4.16 needs)
libc 5.2.18
binutils 2.6.0 or somethign like that..

and... to make you mad about this message, I get the EXACT SAME error 
message that you do, and I'm totaly pissed :)

The core file checks out to be ELF i386, and everything else is ELF, so 
it's REALLY STRANGE that the debugger can't read it.
I mean.. it's like hitting a wall, and trying to remove it by banging 
your head against it.. *grin*

Basically I think it's either a compile time option on the linux kernel, 
gdb, or simply some kind of bug with ELF cores in the linux kernel, so if 
anyone here has any sorts of ideas what to do to get some help on this I 
think both Hades and I would appreciate it.. 

If anyone out there is able to run gdb on 1.2+ linux kernels, please 
reply (as thats most probably ELF (+ possible a.out) kernels/systems..
This might help us to resolve the problem... (it's a pain not to be able 
to use GDB)..


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