Re: Diffrences in a.out/ELF?

From: Erik (
Date: 06/15/96

  The version of GDB is fine. But... did you get it from the ELF 
directory? That is where the elf version is :) I am 100% elf now, and gdb 
works fine.

> I got someone whispering in my ear that the version og GDB distributed 
> with Slackware 3.0 was broke, and thus looked arround for the source for 
> gdb 4.14 (actually newer oned, but all I did was find v4.14 :).. so I 
> compiled it and all, and still had the same problems... 
> SO, I posted a cry for help on some newsgroups, and I got a nice letter 
> saying that the whole idea was to upgrade faster than lighning *grin*.
> Now I have:
> Linux 2.0.0
> GDB 4.16
> GCC 2.7.2
> 1.8.0 (because thats what gdb v4.16 needs)
> libc 5.2.18
> binutils 2.6.0 or somethign like that..

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