MEDIT (Oasis)
Date: 06/15/96

ok...Everytime we use Medit it crashes :)
It crashes after we answer YES to saving the object internally...
Now, no one (to my knowledge) has messed with the olc I
figured it was a mob file..(a bad one) I took all the ***.mob out of
the index except 0.mob, assuming I could narrow down the bad mob file.
It crashed. So I removed 0.mob and put in 30.mob, still crashed.
Anyone know why? Does have to be in correlation with it, in
some way that I am not familiar with?
Any other reason why this could be happening, the only olc code to be
eddited was olc.h, and all that was changes was a
#define NUM_ITEM_EXTRA_FLAGS (or something like that)
from 17 to 22....
Anyone wanna help clear this up?

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