Re: Spell Numbering in Spells.h

From: Hades (
Date: 06/15/96

> Besides the fact any items currently asigned spells will be messed up and 
> the pfile will get messed up from changing MAX_SPELL is there any reason 
> i shouldnt renumber the existing spells?  I want to add some code for 
> spells types and do it by grouping them by type (i.e. 0-99 is type damage 
> 100-199 is augmentation etc).  I also want to expand the total amount of 
> spells allowed because i know i will have at least 250 and possibly more 
> and i want to have plenty of growing room left free.
> Any thing i should no before i start?
> Chris

All scrolls/staves/wands/potions will get screwed up if you move em around.
Also, say 0-99 is damage, and 100-199 is aug... and you have 25 of eachfor
right now... bad reasons to do this:
1) If for some reason you ever get more than 99 of that type, then you
either have to mess wityh the thing again or have spells out of that range.
2) You waste a lot of memory. 25 of each is 50 skills out of 200. 150 skill
slots are wasted this way.

But... yeah... like if an id scroll had your id spell at #45, and you move
it to 302, yer gonna have to change it in the obj files.

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