Re: 1.2.13 a.out?

From: Hades (
Date: 06/16/96

> Can't y'all take OS related questions to OS related newsgroups/mailing 
> lists?  Probs with Win 95, linux, etc, are not Circle specific..
> (BTW, circle compiles fine for me under linux/elf...  Maybe y'all should 
> RTFM ;p )

Well a linux newgroup wont know shit about mallocing in a specproc of a
circlemud mob.

As regarding the: RTFM. First off, I never said I had compilation errors. It
compiles fine.

Second off... circle pl11 is 34k lines of code or there abouts.

Ebon Mists is *84,253* lines of code. More than DOUBLE the circle code, so
when everyone keeps saying that it compiles fine under elf, is it a global
assumption that EVERYONE is using a naked or near unmodified version of
pl11? Or a heavly modified pl11 but all it is modified with is patches that
other people made?

Ebon Mists is not circlepl11... when you have almost trippled the source
code size I realy think that it doesnt follow ANY rules of circlepl11.
(Besides the code base is pl 7)

The question I have kept asking over and over to have no hint of a reply to
is: Why might gdb give an error in malloc () when it never calls malloc?

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