Re: 1.2.13 a.out?

From: Erik (
Date: 06/16/96

  Remove all your linux code, install 2.0 elf kernal from scratch, grab 
everything you can from elf directory. and forget a.out completely. There 
will be no serious errors if _everything_ is right. And the difference 
between the two formats is phenomenal.

On Sun, 16 Jun 1996, Hades wrote:

> Ok, screw it, I cannot stop the 8 thousand crashes I keep haviong with
> ELF... it's giving me errors for lines of code that do nmot exist... malloc
> errors when the code never touches a malloc line of code...
> BUT I cannot find a 1.2.13 a.out distribnution... the ftp sites either have
> 1.2.8 or 1.2.13 elf.
> ARGH! Can anyone help?

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