Re: Win95 Newbie: interpreter.h???

From: ShadowLord (
Date: 06/16/96

On Sun, 16 Jun 1996, Chris Sosbe wrote:

> >> Fatal: 'interpreter.h' does not exist - don't know how to make it
> The file is there... Thats what I can't figure out. As soon as I got that
> error I checked to make sure.

Not sure if this will be of any help.  I don't use Win95 so this might
have nothing to do with it.

I was removing my screen.h header file about two months ago since I no
longer needed it.  When I tried to compile the MUD, 'make' gave an error
kind of like the one you show.  Upon further inspection I realized I had
left 'screen.h' in the dependicies list of one of the files.

Now I know that seems unrelated, but apply the knowledge.  Check to make
sure that your Makefile has 'interpreter.h' spelled correctly and/or that
your actual file is spelled correctly.  This could be the problem.

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