Re: A possible solution?

From: JRhone (
Date: 06/16/96

On Sun, 16 Jun 1996, Hades wrote:

> I just noticed that every time I get that amlloc error, and a new and better
> error: spell_indo, that it is ALWAYS:
> #0 0x50038df7 ....... could that indicate something that it's always
> crashing out at that?

i get this error in malloc as well sometimes but i don't think its 
related to the OS yer on or the malloc function itself...
i *think* it has something to do with out of range errors, maybe some 
variable somewhere is flyin out of range... but as to specifically how to 
track down the TRUE problem in gdb when you get an error such as
?????? some variable ?????? in line #??? (or somethin)
meaning gdb doesnt know what the hell happened to crash you...i can't 
tell you... but if someone has found a way to do this, or has experienced 
this type of problem before, i wish they would speak up cause it happens
to me once in a while and it has always baffled me

one time i was gettin an error in a global list of structs called
zone_table[].... and i kept gettin an error
and it said the last function on the stack was this variable...then kapoyee
now i was baffled, so i finally removed the variable from the entire mud
(i rewrote zone resetting code etc)
and then some other variable popped up in its spot... so i think there is 
an underlying problem somewhere thats flyin out of range and corrupting 
the function stack in memory... who knows


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