Re: A possible solution?

From: Hades (
Date: 06/17/96

> i get this error in malloc as well sometimes but i don't think its 
> related to the OS yer on or the malloc function itself...
> i *think* it has something to do with out of range errors, maybe some 
> variable somewhere is flyin out of range... but as to specifically how to 
> track down the TRUE problem in gdb when you get an error such as

I finally found the fucking bug.
In create_money, it extracts obj... after it returned I had something doing
something to obj, so the bug only came up when you picked up some gold and
it extracted obj... man tell me THAT wasnt a bitch to hunt down... I saw it
only by coincidence because a janitor picked up a pile of coins I dropped,
and it crashed. If that never happened, i'd STILL be farting around with
that damn bug.

Hades who loves janitors.

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