Re: WTF is up with Oaisis OLC...?

From: Scott (
Date: 06/17/96

put medit,zedit,sedit etc. bacmk in your makefile

On Sun, 16 Jun 1996, i9974319 wrote:

> Class.c compiles fine, the rest to the mud compiles file but.....
> right when it is at the end of the compile and it's putting the .o files 
> together here's what is spits out...
> ---
> make ../bin/circle
> make[1]: Entering directory `/MUD/circle30bpl11/src'
> gcc -o ../bin/circle  comm.o act.comm.o act.informative.o act.movement.o 
> act.item.o act.offensive.o act.other.o act.wizard.o ban.o 
> boards.o castle.o class.o config.o constants.o db.o fight.o graph.o 
> handler.o house.o interpreter.o limits.o magic.o mail.o mobact.o modify.o 
> objsave.o olc.o shop.o spec_assign.o spec_procs.o spell_parser.o spells.o 
> utils.o weather.o  

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