CODE: Methodology for Intro System

From: Jeeves (philipe@[
Date: 06/17/96

Hello everyone.

I am, as indicated by the subject, asking about the best method for 
the implementation of introductions on my mud. This would mean that a 
new character would not know the names of any other characters (he 
would see only short descriptions for actions, long descriptions for 
standing characters) until a character used the introduce command on 
him, which would then allow him to TELL to that person, refer to that 
person by name, and see that person in the WHO list. This is proving 
difficult to implement for me, but I want to do it badly enough to 
keep plugging away at it. Here are the problems:

1) A new structure or three dimensional array would have to be put in 
the main player structure. This array/structure would contain the 
names of introduced players. Writing the code for either is simple 
enough, but I can't figure out which one to use. Any suggestions?

2) The who command would need drastic alteration, although it is one 
of the densest DO functions I have ever seen. This I can probably 
take care of, merely by adding code to check if each of the players 
introduced to the actor are connected, and if so to display their 
names and titles.

3) The toughest part is dealing with the act() function itself. First 
of all, I can't find it. Second, I don't really know how to go about 
changing it, even if I do find out where it is hiding. I am thinking 
that the GET_NAME function would have to be changed to display the 
short desc of the actor unless any of the onlookers are introduced to 
him, in which case the actor's name would be printed instead. A 
little guidance (or a lot of guidance ) in the right direction would 
be much appreciated (and restore my faith in this list ;) . If anyone 
has implemented this on their own mud, I would truly appreciate 
advice from these people. 

I can usually figure out these things by myself, but everyone needs 
help once in a while.

Also, we at CalaisMUD are in need of another builder (preferably one 
who wouldn't mind taking orders at the beginning, and has a lot of 
time on his/her hands), as one of ours is too lazy to be worth 
anything. Please mail me at <> if interested.
Jeeves, A Butler for Hire
Creator/IMP/Builder of CalaisMUD (under development)

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