Re: status fight!

From: Brian Christopher Guilbault (
Date: 06/17/96

On Mon, 17 Jun 1996, ACiDO wrote:

> I was thinking.
> how do i fix it so you will see stats on the one you'r fighting eg. if im 
> fighting let's say fido :-) i want to show the current position it's in 
> like excellent when i slash it down to big nasty eg. it shows the mob is 
> in big nasty condition???

Well, I can't look at my code because due to a sysadmin error I currently 
can't log on to my mud account...but I do know how to do this off of the 
top of my head.

I believe in fight.c search for "void make_prompt". You'll want the 
second occurence of this sice the first is just the prototype. You 
basically just make a new integer variable called "percent" or something. 
You calculate it something like:

percent = GET_HIT(victim) / GET_MAX_HIT(victim) * 100;

Then you add a switch or a bunch of else if's that display the status of 
the mob based on that number. We use about 7 or 8 different statuses 
pretty much like standard circle ones (scratched, small wounds, large 
wounds, etc).

Then just append the string to the current prompt buf and send it to the 
char as normal. This is actually one of the first things I coded on my 
own so I'm kinda fond of it...everyone has to start somewhere :-)

If you have any problems, mail me and I will send you the actual code 
after I can access my account again :-(


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