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Date: 06/18/96

On Mon, 17 Jun 1996, i9974319 wrote:

> This should probly have the NEWBIE header.... wasn't sure.
> I need to know where the gaining of experience is handled and if there is 
> a way I can modify it.  I can't seem to get much real feedback on how to 
> implement multi-classes (or races for that matter) so I am trying to come 
> up with a way of my own, but I need to know where experience is handled.

EXP tables are in   : class.c
EXP calcumations in : limits.c (If I remember correctly) and fight.c (calls
                      functions in limits.c)

On the multi-class thing, ther's been a lot of posting on the group about 
sthroms (however it's spelled) code, which you should be able to FTP from 
the site I beleave.


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