Re: Linux Newbie

From: Daniel C. Cotey (
Date: 06/18/96

On Tue, 18 Jun 1996, Brian Menges wrote:

> I just installed Linux on my PC at home for the purpose of coding and ptesting
> my MUD.  I am familiar with Unix but have never used Linux before.  MY question
> is once I get the MUD compiled and running (I'm hoping I don't need to change
> anything and can just download the source code and compile).  Anyways, once I
> get the MUD compiled and running how do I connect to the MUD?  As I understand
> it telnet needs a machine name a port, my PC has neither.

	You need to install tcp/ip networking (N series disks if using
slackware) install only the "localhost" interface then you can telnet to
localhost mud_port, or to (actual address of loopback interface)

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