Re: Guildguard problem

From: ShadowLord (
Date: 06/20/96

On Thu, 20 Jun 1996, Adam Days wrote:

> I tried doing that with my guilds, and it didn't made it so it
> would admit anyone right?  What your going to have to do is make another
> exit in the 3027, cause that's where its messing up.  The structure of a
> guildguard and those class admit code pieces, is that when you do a
> {CLASS_blabha, room #, scmd_(a direction)},
> the guard thinks "okay this is the only class I'm going to let go (said
> direction), but if you have two of those lines admitting two classes the
> same direction, the guard doesn't know which one to admit, so he says'
> screw this, neither of you are getting in." You get the idea?

I still think this is wrong.  I'm fairly certain that the guild guard will
still let thieves in.  Although I've not seen the code in a mighty long
time, I'm guessing that it checks for the instance and then stops looking
in the list (why would it _have_ to keep checking if the code only
supports one class per guild?)  In theory, then, the thieves would still
be able to enter the guild, but the assassins, who aren't CLASS_THIEF, are
trying to go east, and are in the guild room number cannot.


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