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From: Brian Williams - Nashak (
Date: 06/20/96

Sorry about that previous message.. I shoulda put OFF TOPIC on it... 
although it does have to do with muds... :P once again.. sorry
but, I do have a question.. does anyone know how I could make class 
abbrevs in color wherever they are used without having to do the code in 
every little seperate command?
i.e. "45 Sorcerer" <Sorcerer would be color>... I know you can't do it in 
the actually *class_abbrevs[].. cuz' it's a const char.. oh yeah.. 
another question: has anyone successfully added spell effects to items? 
how you can like make it so if an item is flagg "ITEM_SPELL_EFFECT" or 
something, it has a menu in OLC for spell effects.. but only imps or 
something can edit that.. I tried making just a haste flag for items to 
see if it'd work.. but it didn't, of course.. :P well, later.. and thanks 
fer any info...
			Nashak, the curious coder

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