Zone/room building probs /Newbie

From: Tyler Wilhite/FASTTAX (
Date: 06/20/96

I have just put in the zone ghenna, for my circle 3.0 bp11 mud, and I had to 
edit alot of the obj files and stuff to make it work, but it works now, only 
prob is, I have zone 35 linked to ghenna, but, when I try to link ghenna back 
to 35, it says that I am not editing the right zone, and when I try to do zedit 
in the new zone I put it, it just puts a newline/cr, I mean no error message or 
anything, I went to yet another zone, typed zedit and it says you begin editing 
zone so and so, but it never says that with the ghenna zone.  Anyone have any 
clues to why this doesn't work?

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