Re: OFF TOPIC: nonsence (was: [ADV.] Malacious Bliss 2)

From: Imps of MB2 (
Date: 06/20/96

Lets see.....
1) Seems in everyone's sig file (including mine) there is a 
address for a mud. (not that thats's bad)
2) We've all received off topic mail about linus/cores. Though i didn't 
read any of it, many people did and found it useful.
3) You advertise muds on here because it's just not imp's that subscribe. 
The general public of mud...or atleast a good number of them...just 
PLAY... not code. I KNOW this is for ccoders/imps..but not everyone here 
is an imp.
4) I have personally learned great amounts about mud coding from this 
list..that is getting addresses with muds that have what i want..and then 
talking to the imp/coder there and getting tips. If you have the time to 
write a 2 page letter saying why one mud advertisement shouldn't be 
allowed here..then you have the time to sort through the letters you 
don't want to read. Thats why there are flags like: newbie, offtopic, etc
If you DON"T have time to do that...then, make your own mailing list with 
your own rules....and send yourself your own mail that isn;t "offtopic"


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