Re: My Last Off Topic Message

From: Barid Bel Medar (
Date: 06/21/96

What part of his message was so difficult for you to understand?  Why are 
all you people still replying to the mailing list?  Flames go to HIM.  I 
don't want to hear what you think of him.  This is only going to the list 
because I've seen this happen two or three times and I'm hoping that this 
will stop people from doing it again.

On Fri, 21 Jun 1996, JRhone wrote:

> On Thu, 20 Jun 1996, Jeeves wrote:
> > When sending electronic mail, why don't people check their messages 
> > for spelling and grammar? The worst language-mashing I have ever seen 
> > occurs in internet mail messages. I find it difficult to believe that 
> > EVERYONE is in a big rush all the time, which is the only excuse 
> > even remotely acceptable for posts like this:
> > 

> who the hell are you?

When you quoted him, it displayed his name, see?  "Jeeves."  Probably a 

> id say someone has way too much free time on their hands if theyre 
> concerned with grammar and spelling of a mailing list

No, the reason he's concerned with grammar and spelling is that he 
*doesn't* have enough free time on his hands.  It can take twice as long 
as normal to interpret an e-mail message if the sender can't speak, or 
write, English to a grade-level degree.

I don't know about you, but seeing something like this takes a very long 
time for me to convert back to English so I can read it:

i want to us ecuirlce code sothat i cabn ru8n a mud of my one ie like a 
dargnolance ine can u hlep me   ????

Looks like "I want to us circle code so that I can ruin a mud of my one 
(?); i.e., a Dragonlance one.  Can you help me?"  It takes more time if I 
want to get the actual meaning.

> i used to try to at least add a bit of punctuation and such to my 
> contributions, but from now on, you've shown me the light...
> as long as it annoys people like you... people like me will continue to 
> do it

This is what I would've expected from someone in grade school.  If you 
have a problem with him, flame him (privately).  If you have a problem 
with the rest of us, flame us (privately).  But why make *everyone* 
suffer through reading this?

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"I  am  returning  this otherwise good typing paper to you because
someone has printed gibberish all over it and  put  your  name  at
the top." - English Professor, Ohio University

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