Re: My Last Off Topic Message

From: JRhone (
Date: 06/21/96

On Thu, 20 Jun 1996, Jeeves wrote:

> When sending electronic mail, why don't people check their messages 
> for spelling and grammar? The worst language-mashing I have ever seen 
> occurs in internet mail messages. I find it difficult to believe that 
> EVERYONE is in a big rush all the time, which is the only excuse 
> even remotely acceptable for posts like this:

who the hell are you?
id say someone has way too much free time on their hands if theyre 
concerned with grammar and spelling of a mailing list
i used to try to at least add a bit of punctuation and such to my 
contributions, but from now on, you've shown me the light...
as long as it annoys people like you... people like me will continue to 
do it


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