My Last Off Topic Message

From: Jeeves (philipe@[
Date: 06/20/96

When sending electronic mail, why don't people check their messages 
for spelling and grammar? The worst language-mashing I have ever seen 
occurs in internet mail messages. I find it difficult to believe that 
EVERYONE is in a big rush all the time, which is the only excuse 
even remotely acceptable for posts like this:

>how do i fix it so you will see stats on the one you'r fighting eg. if
>im fighting let's say fido :-) i want to show the current position
>it's in like excellent when i slash it down to big nasty eg. it shows
>the mob is in big nasty condition???

This kind of stuff is just barely intelligible. No capitalizations, 
incorrect punctuation, and fragmented sentences. Either the person 
writing this is inebriated, from a foreign country, a second-grader, 
or in a really big hurry (although I can't imagine why). When I see a 
message like this, the first thing I notice is the terrible grammar. 
Subsequently, my initial impressions of the author and his abilities 
to code in the first place are severely marred, making it a lot less 
likely that I will take the post seriously.

Another thing is typos. We all make them, but one of the great things 
about text editors is the user's ability to edit his input. 

> How would I got about adding a guildmaster for a new class?
> I put in a druid class, and made a room, and made a be the
> gui;ldmaster

All of the typos in the snip above could easily have been corrected, and 
the corrections would have taken a mere thirty seconds, at maximum, and  much less 
if done 'on the fly' (the backspace key has a use, you know). 
Messages riddled with typos are somewhat exasperating, although they
are far easier to read than those whose authors didn't even try to 
write well. Some typos can escape even the most thorough of searches, 
so they aren't such a big deal. No one expects a mud coder posting a code 
question or answer to the list to proofread his message three times and 
spellcheck it carefully, but then again, it's silly to throw error-filled text in 
everyone's face, hoping they 'know what you mean'.

I'll probably get flamed all over the place for the posting of this 
preachy, condescending piece of my mind, and these should be directed 
to ME <> as opposed to <>. 
However, I think I speak for many people who are tired of email 

-- Jeeves
Creator/IMP/Builder of CalaisMUD (under development) 

P.S. Formatting problems are generally not the fault of the author. 
Certain mailers do strange things sometimes.

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