OFFTOPIC: One for us coders

From: Joshua Mentzer (
Date: 06/20/96

> This kind of stuff is just barely intelligible. No capitalizations, 
> incorrect punctuation, and fragmented sentences. Either the person 
> writing this is inebriated, from a foreign country, a second-grader, 
> or in a really big hurry (although I can't imagine why). When I see a 
> message like this, the first thing I notice is the terrible grammar. 
> Subsequently, my initial impressions of the author and his abilities 
> to code in the first place are severely marred, making it a lot less 
> likely that I will take the post seriously.

   Well, can't speak for all my kind, but in general if a programmer thought
the same way as other human beings they would care about grammer and all 
that in their messages..
   Maybe it's that when coding we have to stay so much inside the lines 
and a little typo can mess the whole system that we like to set the tides 
right by making more typos and staying outside of the lines in our 
messages and righting.
   or maybe, everyone isn't as anal as that.

- josh
"just keep thinking, it's only an's only an e-mail"

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