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Date: 06/20/96

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>This is a post for someone who knows a lot about hardware...
>I need to create a new partition on my 2.0 GB hard drive to install Linux 
>into. I plan to use FIPS, as I cannot afford to make a full backup of 
>my data. I know _how_ to repartition the drive, but I'm not sure I 
>should, due to a rather confusing sitiuation. The computer came to me 
>with Windows95 on it, and thus the hard drive is just one large, 
>win95 partition. A few weeks ago, I did something that seemed like a 
>very good idea at the time, but perhaps I shouldn't have. Frustrated 
>with condescending and slow Windoze, I put MS-DOS 6.0 on the computer 
>(I copied the entire /DOS directory from my notebook to my desktop), 
>and I've been booting to it with an MS-DOS created boot floppy. But 
>now the question is: when I go to run FIPS, which OS do I run it 
>from? I would like to run it from DOS, but will it have a negative 
>impact on Win95 if I do? The partition to be created will be 200M in 
>size. I've had the computer for only a couple of months, and thus 
>there are still areas of the hard disk that have not been written to. 
>I tried using UMSDOS earlier, and that failed (Linux installed okay, 
>but I could not boot it whatsoever). Does anyone out there know what 
>to do?
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first you need to run a defragmentation program in order for fips to work.
run defrag from win95 or from dos 6.0.  Then run fips to repartition the HD.
it would probably be best to run it from dos 6.  I've run fips on my HD's a
couple of times, and have never had a problem.

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