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From: Jeeves (philipe@[
Date: 06/20/96

This is a post for someone who knows a lot about hardware...

I need to create a new partition on my 2.0 GB hard drive to install Linux 
into. I plan to use FIPS, as I cannot afford to make a full backup of 
my data. I know _how_ to repartition the drive, but I'm not sure I 
should, due to a rather confusing sitiuation. The computer came to me 
with Windows95 on it, and thus the hard drive is just one large, 
win95 partition. A few weeks ago, I did something that seemed like a 
very good idea at the time, but perhaps I shouldn't have. Frustrated 
with condescending and slow Windoze, I put MS-DOS 6.0 on the computer 
(I copied the entire /DOS directory from my notebook to my desktop), 
and I've been booting to it with an MS-DOS created boot floppy. But 
now the question is: when I go to run FIPS, which OS do I run it 
from? I would like to run it from DOS, but will it have a negative 
impact on Win95 if I do? The partition to be created will be 200M in 
size. I've had the computer for only a couple of months, and thus 
there are still areas of the hard disk that have not been written to. 
I tried using UMSDOS earlier, and that failed (Linux installed okay, 
but I could not boot it whatsoever). Does anyone out there know what 
to do?

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