[ADV.] Malacious Bliss 2

From: Mud (circle@quantum.sc.scruznet.com)
Date: 06/20/96

He have just began to advertise for MB2. We have:

-200 levels
-A Remort for each class
-Avatar Remort (Second Remort)
-Color Codes
-New Areas
-Original Start City (Vaga)
-Battlefield (Pkilling Arena)
-Automated Auction
-New Classes
-Lots of Races to choose from
-Nice, Helpfile Immortal Staff
-Stat Rolling On Character Creation
-'stats' command
-'affections' command
-And more!

to connect,
telnet linus.missconet.com 4000

Kurupt -:- Mud Imp
PS: Builders wanted! Talk to any imp. for details.

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