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Date: 06/21/96

On Fri, 21 Jun 1996, Ground Zero Enterprises wrote:

> I have coded a new spell called gate that creates two portals, one where 
> the caster is and one where the target is and I wrote a special that 
> should let people enter the gate to go to the other room.  The problem is 
> I can't figure out how to assign the special as I create the object.  The 
> creation is just a mimick of the code to create a corpse except I have 
> added a special item type for portals.  Here is my code for the gate spell:


Btw. To everyone wondering why I'm not writing in 100% correct Oxford 
english, there is a reason.... *grin* I'm a dane, and danes do NOT have 
english or ammerican as their native language, they have to study hard to 
even be able to understand it, and even harder to be able to write a 
message thats as understandable as this :)
Ok, nuff said, and nuff' people flamed *lol*

Anyway, I did allso make such a gate spell, I only made ONE gate object 
on the casters side, so it's not too easy to get back and stuff, but who 
really cares about that part. What I did was to modify the do_move 
routines (perhaps it was do_enter), but I did some checking there and 
added some information to the obj type beeing what room the portal was 
'pointing' to, and then make the person enter that room by typing : 
"enter portal".
I think this might be easier to implement, than fiddeling arround with 
spec_procs, but ofcourse thats just my oppinion on the matter.

Hope I added some inspiration to your implementation proccess.


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