re: Portal stuff, something swept my mind :)

From: Rasmus \ (
Date: 06/21/96


I just accidentially got to activate some dead braincells, doing so migh 
have caused malfuntion to my intelligence in a way that this idea is not 
at all interesting, but please read on anyway and flame me if it's a pile 
of crap :)

What I got dazzled about was the following.

You create a portal (to keep it simple, just in the casters room!). Then 
the caster (and others?) should be able to enter the portal, am I right ?
Lets say you set this potal at the market square, should'nt people ONLY 
enter that portal and get transfered to some highpower mobile if they 
wish to ? the only way I see a spec_proc as beeing efficient is, if it's 
use is to let people enter a room and choose wether they want to use the 
portal of not, the hacking/modifying of the use or enter commands seems 
like a much better idea. It allso makes the use of portals easier, you 
could allso make portal objects that function like the spells still using 
your modified use/enter commands.

Well, just my few cents. they might be worthless as it's pretty late 
danish time, so if people feel so I appologize *grin*


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