From: ShadowLord (
Date: 06/22/96

On Sat, 22 Jun 1996, zen wrote:

> >You can use object value 0 (unused) for the weapon types.  I also extended
> >values so I have 10 instead of 4.  It was easy to convert the world files,
> >if you have OasisOLC just go through each ?edit.c file, move the majority
> >of the code from the ?edit_save_to_disk functions to a seperate function
> >which takes a zone number as an argument.  In that functio nreplace all
> >the OLC_ZNUM calls with the name of the passed variable, and in the
> >?edit_save_to_disk function call the above function.  For instance:

> Well, uh, say what?  Okay, to start off I'm not using olc, I prefer to do it
> all the old fashioned way so what you said and posted seemed to go way over
> my head. Also, you lost me when you started talking about zones and worlds
> and everything.  Do I have to modify those to to add maybe 3 or 4 extra
> fields to the obj data base.  If so, then boil me a pot of coffee because I
> have a feeling I'll need it.  Well if you could suggest a way that doesn't
> involve OLC then see what I can do.  Thanks for the suggestions.  I sure
> they'll come in handy when I do decide to install olc.  Maybe Circle r. 3.01 =>.

You don't need OLC for anything I said.  If you want to add more than the
4 standard values for CircleMUD you'll need to be able to convert the
object files someway.  The most convient way, since a lot of people use
Oasis OLC, is to make it to do the hard work.

Here's what I was saying.  You just have to change the object files,
unless you are doing cheap little hack ons (like adding a 'W' block like
the 'E', and 'A' blocks at the end of an object).  All the other
stuff was to inform anyone that might be using Oasis OLC on how to change
the OLC so they can convert their world files (mob/obj/room/zone) to
whatever with a manual work.

While my method of just converting the world files whenever I make a big
change to them is ideal for me and many other MUDs, if you don't have OLC
you might be better off doing some quick hack to the file format (like
adding an extra block to the end of an object, or whatnot).  Unless you
feel like writing a program that goes from zone to zone and saves all the
objects (which wouldn't be too terribly difficult to write).

Anyway, I'm saying too much again, which will probably serve to confuse


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