Re: Recompile Beta or a different version???

From: Brian Burrell (
Date: 06/22/96

I 'was' having the most luck with the bpl11 patch...   that is till i
added in guns...   (which messes with fight.c and spells)

now the dbg gives me 'pagelength variable :: cannot find' .. everytime i
make a new mob and sometimes editting mobs it crashes ..

My friend had a problem like this, but i beleive it was with a earlier
version of OasisOLC.. 

who'd figure; with the butt-load of hacks i put into oedit.c, medit.c is
the one to crash on me...

anyone experience a problem like similiar to this before?

cause beyond this problem OasisOLCbpl11 has worked perfectly for me..

On Fri, 21 Jun 1996, tigre78 wrote:

> Lately, our Circle 3.0 BETA has been giving us fits along with Oasis OLC.
> We have been thinking about recompiling, and I think that would be a good 
> idea, but I dont know about recomp'ing the BETA version. Does anyone have 
> any feedback on which version they have ahd most success with, or if they 
> have had no probs with the beta and Oasis OLC, and we should just 
> recompile, along with any patches we have (please suggest these too, I am 
> sure we are not the only ppl having probs, right?).
> Thanks......
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> David
> TigerWeb Creations
> Co-Head Imp of SunFire MUD

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